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Here to rescue Toronto (Blue)

Here to rescue Toronto (Blue)

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"Rescue Toronto" - Gong Xiaohua (Edward), the 2023 Toronto mayoral candidate, emerged as an underdog, shaking the Toronto political scene like a whirlwind and becoming a well-known idol to the people of Toronto. His political platform has won the support and hearts of the residents of Toronto. 

 Beyond as we enter 2023 and enter 2024, the number “44” represents " - the courage to persevere and the confidence to fight for our ideals. 

 To remember this beautiful historical moment! The world's first limited edition souvenir hat "No. 44", each uniquely coded hat and autographed portrait by Gong Xiaohua  ( Edward ), making it highly collectible.

"Rescue Toronto" 

"Rescue Canada" 

"Oh Canada I love you! "

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